Stormwater Report & Clean Up

Clean A Stream

The City of Hampton would like to thank Cub Scouts from Pack 60 with their participation in the 2017 Clean A Stream Day on December 2, 2017.  The Scouts along with other family members and friends,removed litter from a detention pond in Main Street Commons and then applied stormwater stencils to catch basin manhole lids in South Hampton Subdivision. The event is to teach our kids the importance of controlling litter and keeping our community clean. The on-hands experience shows each participant how litter gets into a stormwater systems and eventually into our streams and creeks. By teaching our kids the importance of protecting our streams, they can then pass on their experiences to their friends and parents. Again, thanks to Pack 60. 

City Of Hampton, Public Works Department, 770-946-3234

Attendees for the 2017 Event were (in no specific order):

Dakota King
Maximiliano Gramcko
Ariany Leon
Wyatt Martinez
Liliana Martinez
Marcos Martinez
Caleb Bickham
Gisele Wescoe
Mike Jones
Armord Reese
Armord Reese II
Justin Johns
Jordan Fuhrman
Mark Whitley

Storm Water Management Program (MS4)

This article provided as part of the educational and public involvement of the City MS4 Storm Water Program.

Composting at Home

Learn to compost at home with this helpful brochure prepared by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs Home Composting Program and Provided in Partnership with the Clean Water Campaign.

Composting at Home Brochure