Building Permits

It is the function of the Permit Division of the Community Development Department to ensure permitted projects are constructed in a safe manner adhering to the minimum building codes adopted by the City of Hampton and the State of Georgia.

Building permits are required for residential, commercial, and industrial structures; including, but not limited to structures 120 square feet and larger, building additions, swimming pools, renovations, and remodels. Permits are required for certain electrical, plumbing, HVAC and mechanical work for all structures.

Permit Requirements

Residential: A floor plan along with an elevation and site plan are to be included with application.

License Requirements: A homeowner may act as the contractor for their personal dwelling or accessory structure only (not to exceed 1000 sq. ft.). They are limited to apply for a building permit once during an (24) month period; otherwise a licensed residential contractor is required to pull the permit. Subcontractors for plumbing, electrical, HVAC and mechanical work must provide a copy of a valid Georgia driver’s license, Georgia Secretary of State License and Business License/Occupational Tax Certificate for each individual permit application.

Commercial/Industrial: Floor plans and architectural/engineer sealed drawings are required on structures over 5,000 square feet per Georgia Code O.C.G.A. 25-2-12. Plans may include: architectural, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, mechanical, and structural drawings. New development requires full site plans, including landscaping and storm water management.

Note: All commercial/industrial plans are required to be reviewed by the Henry County Fire & Emergency Services Department. The Department of Community Development is the point of contact and will distribute all plans submitted for proper review and approval. Prior to the issuance of a permit all reviews must be completed and associated fees paid. Estimated lead time for reviews is approximately two weeks.


Full disclosure of your proposed uses is requested prior to a zoning determination by the City to assist you in avoiding prohibited uses. Please contact the Community Development Department at (770) 946-4306 for zoning information.


If your business plans to use any type of signage please contact the Community Development Department at (770) 946-4306 prior to ordering business signs. The City of Hampton has a number of different overlay zoning districts regulating signage. All of which have certain variation requirements and restrictions of signage.

Remodeling Activity

If your business requires any structural changes to the building it will require a building permit and inspections from the Community Development and/or Fire & Emergency Services departments. Cosmetic alterations, such as painting, new carpet, etc., do not require a building permit. Please contact the Community Development Department at (770) 946-4306 for additional information regarding building permits and/or inspections.

New Construction

If you are developing a site relative to your business, there are a series of requirements the City has relative to zoning, land use, parking, signs, building codes, soil erosion control, storm water management, etc. which could impact your proposal. The more detail you provide the quicker your application will be processed. Additionally, depending on your business location, Georgia Department of Transportation and/or US Army Corps of Engineers permits may be required. Please contact the Community Development Department at (770) 946-4306 for guidelines to assist you.

Business License Inspection

Prior to being issued a business license, an inspection at the business location must be performed by the Community Development and Fire & Emergency Services departments. Both departments will be checking to make sure the location is safe for the public. Please contact the Community Development Department at (770) 946-4306 for further information and to schedule an inspection. 24-hour notice is required for inspection requests.

Business License

After the business license inspection is approved by both the Community Development and Fire & Emergency Services departments and all other permits and/or licenses are obtained, a City of Hampton occupational tax license may be issued.