Errol Mitchell

Councilman Errol Mitchell was born in Kingston, Jamaica and moved to New Jersey where he attended Plainfield High School. He later graduated from Union County College and Georgia State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry.

He is constantly improving his knowledge base, and is currently pursuing his master's degree in Public Administration in Law Policy. He recently received a Certificate from the University of Georgia's Carl Vinson Institute of Government.

Councilman Mitchell is no longer new on the political scene. He is approaching the completion of a 4-year term as a Hampton City Councilmember.

In Plainfield, NJ he served as an Axillary Police Officer and P.T.O President. He is currently Vice President for Main Street Commons HOA.

Councilman Mitchell and his family relocated to Peachtree City, GA in 2005 and has been a resident of Hampton for eleven years. He and his wife Sharmaine have been married for twenty-two years and have four wonderful children Shante’, Melanie, Emily and Errol Jr. They enjoy spending time with each other and partaking in family activities such as family worship, volunteering, game nights, hosting dinners, entertaining family and friends or watching movies.

The Mitchell’s are also very active in their church where Councilman Mitchell previously served as Head Deacon and currently serves as Area Coordinator for the Master Guide Club for the conference, Religious Liberty Director. Mrs. Mitchell previously served as VBS Director, Assistant Sabbath School Secretary, Assistant Church Clerk and Deaconess. She is currently a Sabbath School teacher for the youth department. Melanie, Emily and Errol Jr. are active members in several clubs including Evangelistic Youth Prayer Ministries (EYPM), Pathfinders, the youth and children choir and the Adventurer Club. Shante’ is a recent graduate from Augusta University.

Councilman Mitchell has an extensive background in management and has been recognized on many occasions for his exemplary service throughout the years. He is a man of faith and fortitude, substance and service and considers it a privilege and honor to serve the residents of Hampton.

Committee Assignments 2019

  • Administrative & Finance Committee (Chairman)
  • Community Development Committee (Chairman)
  • Public Safety Committee (Co-Chairman)

Errol Mitchell

Errol Mitchell

Phone: 678-920-0785