About the City of Hampton

Hampton enjoys the benefits of a small town atmosphere, is where history has a future and offers much to residents and visitors alike.   Established in 1873, our city is one of tradition and history, while embracing change.  The old cotton mill was converted into lofts; former stores on Cherry Street are now townhouses; the old jail is a booming brewery.  Beautiful antebellum historic homes and old oak trees line the streets of Hampton.

Hampton prides itself on being designated as a “Tree City” and a “Bird Sanctuary” city.  In 2012, Hampton also achieved the status of “Playful City” - one of 213 communities in the United States to be so designated. In 2013, Hampton was one of 217 cities designated as a “Playful City”—the only city in Henry County to achieve this designation.  Playful City means we encourage youngsters to participate actively, not passively.  Visit McBrayer City Park, complete with playground equipment, a splash pad, tennis court, soccer goals, basketball court, and much more. The R.W. and Mary Lou Coley Park, located on West Main Street N, hosts many ball games throughout the season, and Atlanta Motor Speedway is just 1.5 miles from downtown Hampton always has plenty of fun activities scheduled throughout the year.

We are a growing community working towards retaining our small town atmosphere while moving forward into our future.  Thank you for your interest in the City of Hampton!  Please visit us soon!