Water Main Breaks


As of 1:00pm on October 21, 2022

On the evening of Monday, October 17th the City of Hampton Water Department incurred a water main break which interrupted service to a portion of the city and caused a drop in water pressure to other sections. Out of an abundance of caution and in accordance with EPD guidelines, the City of Hampton issued a boil water advisory. We are pleased to report that the water system is and continues to be free from bacteria. Several samples, from various sites in our water system, were tested by a certified laboratory and all samples were negative for total coliform bacteria. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at 770-946-4306 and monitor our website for any future events and updates. 

Precautions you can take now that the boil water advisory has been lifted: 

  • Flush faucets for a total of 10 minutes to introduce system water throughout house plumbing.
    • 1 faucet — run for 10 minutes
    • 2 faucets — run both for 5 minutes
    • 3 faucets — run each for 3-4 minutes
    • Flush any faucet a minimum of 2 minutes to ensure clearing of the water line.
  • Discard any drinks, ice, food, etc., made during the boil water notice.
  • Rewash any utensils or dishes that may have come in contact with water during the boil advisory.
  • Check water filters (in faucets, refrigerators and elsewhere) and replace if necessary.
  • Do not use water from your hot water heater for drinking until several exchanges of the tank have occurred.
  • Run dishwasher through a cycle or two before washing dishes.

Contact Us

  • If you are experiencing a massive water leak during normal working hours please contact Public Works Department at 770-946-3234.  
  • If you are experiencing a massive water leak during non-business hours call 470-613-2423.
  • If you need additional information, please contact City Hall Customer Service at 770-946-4306, Mon - Fri 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. Drive thru opens at 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Closed for Lunch 1:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.
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