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Dear Citizens,

I hope everyone has been enjoying the summer and now into the fall season. As most of you know, Linda and I have built a home in Hiawassee GA and are living between there and Hampton. We moved into our new home four weeks ago and are enjoying our limited time at both residences.

You may have also heard that I recently experienced a second heart attack and was life flighted to Gainesville Heart Center. I received excellent care both on the flight and at the hospital. I am happy to report that the doctor has given me the “go ahead” to do any activities that I have always done and that I can live a long life if I follow good eating habits and exercise. So, if anyone would like to join me in walking and a Mediterranean diet, please feel free to do so.

I would also like to report that I am now five years and six months cancer free from melanoma. Linda and I continue to be in awe of God and the prayers that so many of you prayed for us. We are very grateful for it all.

I would like to report to the citizens that the Mayor and Council have adopted the new budget for 2022. It is one that is very workable for our city and will give us options to move forward with the excellent plans that our Mayor and Council has for the city. Hampton continues to have no property tax imposed on the citizens at this time. Mayor and Council worked hard to have a budget that does not include property tax for our citizens. Wise planning by Mayor and Council helps provide for our city government programs that move our city forward in wise planning and governing.

Election season is in full swing and there are two candidates for Mayor. I will not be running for a third term but have decided to spend more time with my wife and family. We have nine grandchildren that we enjoy seeing and they are growing fast. Time is passing quickly, and it is time for a change in mayoral leadership. I would like to encourage each of you to research the candidates’ abilities and vote for both mayor and council that you feel will be the best for our city.

Linda and I want to send condolences to the family of former City Council Member Arley Lowe at his passing on October 6, 2021. Mr. Lowe served the city of Hampton for many years as a city council member, DDA representative, Hampton Charter School Board member, and various other organizations within the city and county.

Please continue to check the city’s website for upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas events.

Remember, working together builds character and friendships.

Mayor Hutchison